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New Single Origin Espresso!

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Ethiopia – Ardi Natural

Single Origin Espresso

The multidimensional character of this coffee has made it one of our favorites. This natural processed coffee features fruit toned aromas of blackberry and blueberry. The cup has a   citric lemon sparkle balanced with a silky and smooth body. It finishes with a lingering sweet chocolate note.







Single Producer Espresso

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Ethiopia – Limu, Ibrahim Property

Single Producer Espresso

Ibrahim Co. owns this 500-hectare coffee farm in the Limu zone of Ethiopia at 1850 masl. This coffee is grown on private land and is traded outside of the ECX, allowing further traceability to the source of this excellent lot. The cup has an apricot blossom aroma with flavors of apricot and milk chocolate.




NEW! From Phil & Sebastian

Come in to try it today!


New Single Origin Espresso

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Drop by today and possibly tomorrow to try a Fair Trade Organic Single Origin Espresso:

Honduras – Sergio Romero

from Origins Organic Coffee in Vancouver, BC

We’ll be trying their signature Organic Blend as well – Stay Tuned.

Coming to the end of Black Cat Single Origin Guatemala La Maravilla

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We are coming to the end of our present supply of Black Cat Single Origin Guatemala La Maravilla so come in soon to try it!

It is absolutely spectacular in a Cortado!

Not to worry though…

We will be going to Black Cat Classic as soon as the SO is done … mmmm Black Cat Classic, delicious.

And of course we have the Fog City house blend espresso. It has been pulling very nicely lately. Very thick body, surupy chocolate / brown sugar with a very sweet cherriness.

Drop by soon!

March new coffees!!!

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We have some new coffees for you to come in and try!

The Feature Espresso has been switched from Black Cat Classic (don’t worry it will be back in a couple of weeks) to:

Black Cat Single Origin: La Maraville, Guatemala … mmmmm. delicious

On the Clover:

Ethiopia – Wondo Worka … a great coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of the Sidamo province in Ethiopia.

and a bit of a tease for the next couple of weeks … look for something from Boliva to make it’s way to us!

Brazil – Poco Fundo

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Single Origin Espresso


Drop by to try this very intense triple ristretto. Look for notes of bright passionfruit and green apple (Zane got rubarb today) off the top and finishing with a nice almondy, chocolately-ness.

In milk the brightness tends to diminish, leaving the chocolate / almond to dominate. YUM!

There’s only about 7lbs of this coffee so come in quick to have some.

See you soon!

** The next S.O. Espresso on the menu may be a Cup of Excellence El Salvador … not the Santa Maria we are currently featuring on the Clover …  so stay tuned!

New Single Origin Espresso

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We’ve been working on a new SO ‘spro for y’all!

(that sentence sounds great in my head when said with a real Texas drawl … and no, I will not say it that way for you if you ask)

It’s a Brazil – Poco Fundo … so far things are going well. We’ve spent some time working with a medium roast with some great shots. Right now they tend to be either a little too bright or, upon adjustment, go straight to too bitter. So we’ve asked Jim at Java Blend to do up a sample that’s just a little more darkly roasted and we’ll give that one a go. We expect that to arrive, hopefully, tomorrow.

Maybe it will be on the menu early next week? … we’ll keep you updated here as soon as things develop.

Monday, October 6th:

Jim did a slightly darker sample roast for us on Saturday. It should be just about perfect tomorrow morning to do some testing. If it is as great as we hope then we’ll get a production roast done as soon as possible and have it in the grinder a couple days after that. Stay tuned.