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The winner is ….

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Rwanda, Zirikana – Bufcafe

It received the most votes (not really that many … we’ll promote the voting much better next time) of all 4 coffees.

Here is a description from Intelligentsia:

Extremely fruit-forward and sincere. Peach nectar precedes a honeyed mouthfeel and an extended flavor of grape, lime and nectarine. A finish of cacao and walnut frame the experience.


We should have it by late next week and on the menu a few days after that.


New Coffees

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Ethiopia Misty Valley Idido – Organic

This exceptional natural dry-processed coffee is from the famed Yirgacheffe district in Sidamo. It is produced by smallholder farmers in a micro-region near the town of Idido called the Gedio Zone. The supplier owns a small mill in the region located at approximately 1900 m above sea level. It is a natural sundried coffee. The ripe cherries are spread in a thin layer on elevated beds to dry. After drying, the coffee is hulled, screened, hand-sorted and polished.
In the cup; big sweet fruit. A hint of vanilla brown sugar is nicely balanced against a huge juicy strawberry / blueberry sweetness. The taste finishes with a light lemon zest acidity. An especially full and syrupy body provides a great playground for all of the flavors.

Coming Soon:

From Java Blend Coffee Roasters: Cup of Excellence – El Salvador Miravalle

From Intelligentsia: Direct Trade – Rwanda Zirikana