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Now serving Brazil Finca Hamilton

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Brazil – Finca Hamilton

Micro Lot / Organic ‘In Transition’

Extremely smooth and simply delicious! This coffee is very aromatic with a light floral fragrance preceding a rich, full bodied chocolate note with tangy hints of red grape and grapefruit. A silky mouthfeel ends with a very clean finish.

The Finca Hamilton ‘Natural’ coffee, part of the Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza is from the Mococa region in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  It is a pulped natural, the processing method where they take the skins off the coffee cherries and dry the seeds with the mucilage still intact. This imparts a sweet fruitiness to the drying beans. The coffee has been picked with extreme care, only the best cherries selected. It is also farmed using the Natural process, or Organic ‘In Transition’, meaning that although they are using all natural methods with no chemicals or fertilizers and minimal pruning, it has not yet been ‘Certified Organic’. This allows the coffee to flourish as is would naturally and promotes a diverse and sustainable forest environment … which in turn produces an amazing coffee.

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Come in to try the Brazilian coffee we are offering on the Clover!

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Brazil – Agua Preta

Direct Trade / ‘In Season’ offering

Solid milk chocolate, vanilla bean and pecan make Agua Preta remarkably comforting. The smooth, steady body and soft acidity sip so pleasantly that your cup will be empty before you know it. The finish lingers just enough to leave the palate with charming notes of dry spice and roasted hazelnut.

Fazenda Santa Ines is the stuff of legend amongst Brazilian coffee farms. It is located in the Serra do Montiquiera mountain range in Carmo de Minas, a rugged, sloping terrain, with good altitude and natural water springs. The farm’s coffee is produced using the “pulped natural” method. The coffee cherries are harvested and the skin is removed, leaving the sticky dense mucilage and parchment surrounding the seed. This sticky coffee is then moved to a concrete patio and spread out in a very thin layer to dry under sunlight. When the unique topography of Carmo de Minas is combined with the stellar execution of Santa Ines, the pulped natural processing method yields coffees of unrivaled sweetness and amazingly thick body.

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