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New coffee from Intelli

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Nicaragua – Los Delirios / Organic

                            Finca Ojo de Agua                                 

                                    Direct Trade / ‘In Season’ Offering

Elderflower, chamomile and orange blossom frame notes of citrus fruit, melon and rhubarb. As the cup cools, layers of complexity begin to emerge as notes of nougat, almond cookie and brown sugar.


The Canales family and the El Eden cooperative group continue to be among the most proactive and quality-conscious organic farmers in Nicaragua. In their home, in Pueblo Nuevo, it’s not surprising to see them hand-sorting parchment (still un-hulled beans) coffee on small tables in their garage. This kind of meticulous handling is rare in Nicaragua but essential to producing world-class coffees. Behind the family’s homeis a large cement patio where the coffee is dried, and the proximity allows them to keep a watchful eye on the coffee at all times to ensure that the drying is carried out perfectly. It is truly a family operation, with everyone helping out in some way to make it all work. The coffee is milled nearby by Prodecoop, one of the first coffee cooperatives in Nicaragua to really establish a quality reputation in the Specialty market.



Medium Roast


New Kenyan Coffee

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Kenya – Igandene AA

Micro Lot

This coffee has a lush and velvety mouthfeel with a somewhat muted acidity not normally experienced in a Kenya. Dynamic and complex, with dominant sweet lemon and plum. It is nicely balanced and has a pleasant wine toned crispness. Look for subtle notes of cocoa, vanilla, cherries and a dramatic and delicious sweet finish.

Kenyan coffees continue to be highly sought after. This fully washed, micro lot coffee is obtained through the government-run Nairobi coffee auction. As a result, not a lot more is known about this coffee other than it is one of the finest Kenyans we’ve tasted in a while. It has an outstanding cup profile, was wet processed and dried on raised beds. This micro-lot was grown in red volcanic soil on the slopes of Mt. Kenya.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters –  Medium Roast

Another New Kenyan Coffee!

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Kenya – Mitondo AA

Micro Lot


This coffee has a rich, syrupy mouthfeel with lively acidity and a zesty aftertaste. Dynamic and complex, with nectarine, red currant, kiwi, mulling spices, and a subtle wintergreen finish this coffee stands apart.


This fully washed, micro lot coffee is obtained through the government-run Nairobi coffee auction. It has an outstanding cup profile. The “AA” in Kenya Mitondo AA refers to bean size at the processing plant. Large (AA) are regarded as more valuable. At the coffee auction, specific lots are sold to the highest bidder, and heated competition drives the prices up. Their research and development is unparalleled. Their quality control is meticulous, and many thousands of small farmers are highly educated in their agricultural practice –and rewarded — for top level coffee



Java Blend Coffee Roasters –  Medium Roast


New Coffees

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Ethiopia Misty Valley Idido – Organic

This exceptional natural dry-processed coffee is from the famed Yirgacheffe district in Sidamo. It is produced by smallholder farmers in a micro-region near the town of Idido called the Gedio Zone. The supplier owns a small mill in the region located at approximately 1900 m above sea level. It is a natural sundried coffee. The ripe cherries are spread in a thin layer on elevated beds to dry. After drying, the coffee is hulled, screened, hand-sorted and polished.
In the cup; big sweet fruit. A hint of vanilla brown sugar is nicely balanced against a huge juicy strawberry / blueberry sweetness. The taste finishes with a light lemon zest acidity. An especially full and syrupy body provides a great playground for all of the flavors.

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