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New Kenyan Coffee

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Kenya – Igandene AA

Micro Lot

This coffee has a lush and velvety mouthfeel with a somewhat muted acidity not normally experienced in a Kenya. Dynamic and complex, with dominant sweet lemon and plum. It is nicely balanced and has a pleasant wine toned crispness. Look for subtle notes of cocoa, vanilla, cherries and a dramatic and delicious sweet finish.

Kenyan coffees continue to be highly sought after. This fully washed, micro lot coffee is obtained through the government-run Nairobi coffee auction. As a result, not a lot more is known about this coffee other than it is one of the finest Kenyans we’ve tasted in a while. It has an outstanding cup profile, was wet processed and dried on raised beds. This micro-lot was grown in red volcanic soil on the slopes of Mt. Kenya.

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New Coffees – June 2010

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Brazil – Fazenda Sertaozinho

Cup of Excellence

This coffee is amazingly smooth with a silky richness to the texture. The cup is dominated by nutty notes, honey flavors, and malt notes. Toasted almonds, honey, and an apricot and lemon sweetness dominate the cup. There is a pleasant brightness in the finish.

This award winning farm is acclaimed for exemplary craftsmanship, consistently producing spectacular yellow bourbon coffee, an heirloom variety. Located in a mountainous region in the southern part of Minas Gerais,  The geography and microclimate produce optimal conditions for the heirloom Yellow Bourbon, Mondo Novo and Catuai variatels that are grown on the farm.  In addition to the 370 hectares of coffee production, the farm possesses 300 additional hectares of rain forest reserves with centennial tree and protected water resources.  The property is managed by an agronomist named Jose Renato Gonvalves Dias who uses organic fertilizers produced on the farm to help nurture the plants and ensure that all coffees are prepared in an environmentally-friendly way.

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Rwanda – Rwabisindu Bourbon


This coffee is incredibly sweet with floral aromatics preceding notes of citrus peel, chocolate and a subtle hint of coconut. It has a supple, buttery body and a very smooth finish.

The Rwabisindu washing station is located in the Western province, Nyamasheke district and is where this coffee is processed. Owned by Emerth & Gaston Gatsinga, this station serves small farmers from the area. Most farms in Rwanda are 1-3 acres and rely on centralized washing stations to process their coffees. The heirloom Bourbon varietal accounts for nearly all of the coffee produced in Rwanda.

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Guatemala – Chajul

Fair Trade Organic

The Asociación Chajulense Va’l Vaq Qujol was founded in 1988 by some 40 coffee farmers of the Chajul area Triángulo Ixil, Quiché. Chajul’s main goal is “to promote a sustainable development model that is environmentally sound, economically feasible, fair from a social point of view, and appropriate from a cultural standpoint”.  Farmers are continuing to increase their standard of living as well as diversify alternative productions.
This coffee is very smooth and rich. Hints of a smokey nuttiness balance delicious notes of grapefruit & orange citrus with a wonderful taste of dark chocolate & cocoa. The soft acidity and silky texture rounds out this full bodied coffee.

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Now serving Brazil Finca Hamilton

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Brazil – Finca Hamilton

Micro Lot / Organic ‘In Transition’

Extremely smooth and simply delicious! This coffee is very aromatic with a light floral fragrance preceding a rich, full bodied chocolate note with tangy hints of red grape and grapefruit. A silky mouthfeel ends with a very clean finish.

The Finca Hamilton ‘Natural’ coffee, part of the Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza is from the Mococa region in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  It is a pulped natural, the processing method where they take the skins off the coffee cherries and dry the seeds with the mucilage still intact. This imparts a sweet fruitiness to the drying beans. The coffee has been picked with extreme care, only the best cherries selected. It is also farmed using the Natural process, or Organic ‘In Transition’, meaning that although they are using all natural methods with no chemicals or fertilizers and minimal pruning, it has not yet been ‘Certified Organic’. This allows the coffee to flourish as is would naturally and promotes a diverse and sustainable forest environment … which in turn produces an amazing coffee.

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