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#CityHarvest Specials!

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Drop by this weekend, October 27th & 28th while you are out exploring the city during City Harvest!

We’ll have our delicious Fair-Trade Organic Mexican Chiapas brewed on our Clover available for just $2+HST !

We’ll also have a small version of our incredible Pumpkin Latte, our NEW Pumpkin Cortado on special for $2.50+HST!

… and

If you TWEET a picture of you beside our Smiling Goat logo with the Hashtag #cityharvesthat and @smilinggoatspro ,

you’ll have a chance to win one of our great


See you this weekend!


New Single Origin Espresso

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Drop by today and possibly tomorrow to try a Fair Trade Organic Single Origin Espresso:

Honduras – Sergio Romero

from Origins Organic Coffee in Vancouver, BC

We’ll be trying their signature Organic Blend as well – Stay Tuned.

Another delicious coffee from Ethiopia

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Ethiopia – Yirgacheffe Konga Coop

Fair Trade Organic

A deliciously unique, floral aroma – reminiscent of marigolds – greets you initially, while the cup itself delivers a satisfying silky body with definite tones of sweet lemons and freshly cracked black pepper. Zesty and refreshing, classic flavour notes of rich chocolate and an incredible sweetness round out this coffee experience.

Konga is one of 21 smallholder Cooperatives founded in 2002 following deregulation of the government controlled Coffee & Tea Authority. Each Cooperative has a democratically elected board with 2000 members in each group. At Konga, which is named after the local river, the coffee has always been grown without chemicals and recently secured both Organic and Fair Trade status. In this area most coffee is grown on the family plot just outside their thatched-leaved home as “garden coffee”, intercropped amongst staple vegetables planted together under the canopy of the coffee trees. Some is harvested wild from the forest.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters –  Medium Roast

Now on the menu!

Drop by and try a cup

New Coffees – June 2010

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Brazil – Fazenda Sertaozinho

Cup of Excellence

This coffee is amazingly smooth with a silky richness to the texture. The cup is dominated by nutty notes, honey flavors, and malt notes. Toasted almonds, honey, and an apricot and lemon sweetness dominate the cup. There is a pleasant brightness in the finish.

This award winning farm is acclaimed for exemplary craftsmanship, consistently producing spectacular yellow bourbon coffee, an heirloom variety. Located in a mountainous region in the southern part of Minas Gerais,  The geography and microclimate produce optimal conditions for the heirloom Yellow Bourbon, Mondo Novo and Catuai variatels that are grown on the farm.  In addition to the 370 hectares of coffee production, the farm possesses 300 additional hectares of rain forest reserves with centennial tree and protected water resources.  The property is managed by an agronomist named Jose Renato Gonvalves Dias who uses organic fertilizers produced on the farm to help nurture the plants and ensure that all coffees are prepared in an environmentally-friendly way.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters –  Medium Roast


Rwanda – Rwabisindu Bourbon


This coffee is incredibly sweet with floral aromatics preceding notes of citrus peel, chocolate and a subtle hint of coconut. It has a supple, buttery body and a very smooth finish.

The Rwabisindu washing station is located in the Western province, Nyamasheke district and is where this coffee is processed. Owned by Emerth & Gaston Gatsinga, this station serves small farmers from the area. Most farms in Rwanda are 1-3 acres and rely on centralized washing stations to process their coffees. The heirloom Bourbon varietal accounts for nearly all of the coffee produced in Rwanda.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters –  Medium Roast


Guatemala – Chajul

Fair Trade Organic

The Asociación Chajulense Va’l Vaq Qujol was founded in 1988 by some 40 coffee farmers of the Chajul area Triángulo Ixil, Quiché. Chajul’s main goal is “to promote a sustainable development model that is environmentally sound, economically feasible, fair from a social point of view, and appropriate from a cultural standpoint”.  Farmers are continuing to increase their standard of living as well as diversify alternative productions.
This coffee is very smooth and rich. Hints of a smokey nuttiness balance delicious notes of grapefruit & orange citrus with a wonderful taste of dark chocolate & cocoa. The soft acidity and silky texture rounds out this full bodied coffee.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters –  Medium Roast

New Coffees – September 2009!

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Drop by our espresso bar to try the following new coffees:

Nicaragua – Flor Azul

  • Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters ~ Direct Trade ~ Medium Roast
  • Melon / Apples / Swiss Chocolate

Guatemala – Maya Ixil

  • Java Blend Coffee Roasters ~ Fair-Trade Organic – Medium Roast
  • Berry / Cinnamon Chocolate / Cherry-tomato tang

Ethiopia – Sidamo Natural

  • Java Blend Coffee Roasters ~ Fair-Trade Organic ~ Dark Roast
  • Dark Chocolate / Citrus & Apricot / Brown sugar

New Coffees for the new year!!

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We are now offering a new El Salvador Cup of Excellence – La Lainez and a Costa Rica – Helsar De Zarcero brewed by the cup on our Clover.

El Salvador – La Lainez ~ Cup of Excellence

La Lainez is a relatively small farm (40 acres) and is owned by the Ginjaume family who have been coffee farmers for the past three generations. It is located in the Tecapa-Chinameca Mtn. Range, and sits about 4900 ft. above sea level. The pickers are instructed to select only the best coffee available, avoiding over-ripe, immature green or defective cherries. The bourbon varietal coffee is transported to the Oromontique Mill, where it is immediately processed in an eco-friendly mill. The parchment covered coffee bean are then dried in the clay brick patios. Although this is the first time La Laínez has competed in the Cup of Excellence, they were successful is scoring a #6 place in the 2008 CoE El Salvador.
This is an exceptionally complex and silky coffee that changes dramatically as it cools. Initially, apricot and sweet apple flavours are balanced by a delicious milk chocolate richness. Hints of maraschino cherry, raspberry and light citrus notes dance on your tongue, each coming to the forefront as the temperature of the coffee changes … with the milk chocolate remaining throughout. The lush mouthfeel and sweet aftertaste linger after each sip.

Costa Rica – Helsar De Zarcero

The mountainous, west valley Zarcero region of Costa Rica is about 50km NW of the capital San Jose. The initial fragrance of the ground coffee has rich chocolate tones with orange blossom and cinnamon notes. The brewed cup has a delightfully velvety mouthfeel with a very nice balance of body and light acidity. The flavour notes are complex with definite cocoa, hint of sweet orange citrus and subtle, light kiwi acidity.


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