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Drop by quickly to sample this lovely micro-lot Ethiopian Ardi Natural before it’s gone!

A rich velvety body carries tremendous berry notes. Look for blackberry, blueberry, a hint of sweet lemon and dried fruits. A sweet chocolate note rounds out the long finish. Yum!

Ardi is named after the oldest human skeleton ever found (4.4 million years old). This natural processed Heirloom Varietal coffee is grown in the Guji region of Sidama by a group of about 90 farmers at an altitude of 1800 meters. Drying coffee cherries in the fruit on raised drying beds, brings a wonderful fruitiness to the coffee. This differs from other dry-process Ethiopia coffees, which are often picked at the end of the crop and bagged prematurely before being properly and fully dried.

Medium Roast



Another delicious coffee from Ethiopia

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Ethiopia – Yirgacheffe Konga Coop

Fair Trade Organic

A deliciously unique, floral aroma – reminiscent of marigolds – greets you initially, while the cup itself delivers a satisfying silky body with definite tones of sweet lemons and freshly cracked black pepper. Zesty and refreshing, classic flavour notes of rich chocolate and an incredible sweetness round out this coffee experience.

Konga is one of 21 smallholder Cooperatives founded in 2002 following deregulation of the government controlled Coffee & Tea Authority. Each Cooperative has a democratically elected board with 2000 members in each group. At Konga, which is named after the local river, the coffee has always been grown without chemicals and recently secured both Organic and Fair Trade status. In this area most coffee is grown on the family plot just outside their thatched-leaved home as “garden coffee”, intercropped amongst staple vegetables planted together under the canopy of the coffee trees. Some is harvested wild from the forest.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters –  Medium Roast

Now on the menu!

Drop by and try a cup

New Coffees – September 2009!

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Drop by our espresso bar to try the following new coffees:

Nicaragua – Flor Azul

  • Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters ~ Direct Trade ~ Medium Roast
  • Melon / Apples / Swiss Chocolate

Guatemala – Maya Ixil

  • Java Blend Coffee Roasters ~ Fair-Trade Organic – Medium Roast
  • Berry / Cinnamon Chocolate / Cherry-tomato tang

Ethiopia – Sidamo Natural

  • Java Blend Coffee Roasters ~ Fair-Trade Organic ~ Dark Roast
  • Dark Chocolate / Citrus & Apricot / Brown sugar

mmmmm … Bolivia, Anjilanaka & Ethiopia, Wondo Worka now available!

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The Bolivian Anjilanaka is a Direct Trade Organic coffee from Intelligentsia in Chicago. It is incredibly delicious and available now on our Clover and as whole beans.

The name “Anjilanaka” is pronounced “on-hee-lah-nah-ka” and is the local Aymaran word for “the angels.”

Smooth and silky on the tongue, Anjilanaka carries plump green grapes and black mission figs into a lush center that blooms on the palate. The finish is long and lingering with notes of cocoa and cane sugar.

We also have a delicious new Ethiopian coffee from Java Blend called Wondo Worka.

A beautiful harmony of sweet citrus and lingering florals. Honeyish mouthfeel and flavor, along with apricot fruit and hint of blueberry. A perfectly clean finish.