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New coffee from El Salvador

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El Salvador – Santa Matilde


A very smooth coffee with a rich velvet texture and well rounded body. A balanced but bright acidity with notes of citrus (grapefruit), honey and light herbs dominate the initial taste on the palate. A rich and complex chocolate and caramel, finish off this delicious coffee.

This is a very old family farm with long history in coffee. Located in the Northwest of El Salvador near Guatemala, the original farm was established around 1900. Mostly planted with Pacamara and Bourbon, this is an exceptionally well planned farm. Santa Matilde has very high standards for picking ripe coffee fruit and the pickers spend extra time sorting out the best fruits. The Pacamara variety, a cross between the giant Maragogipe variety and Pacas, a selection of the heirloom Bourbon, has proven to produce exceptional coffee on many El Salvador farms.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters –  Medium Roast

Come in a have a cup (or two!) today!


New Coffees for the new year!!

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We are now offering a new El Salvador Cup of Excellence – La Lainez and a Costa Rica – Helsar De Zarcero brewed by the cup on our Clover.

El Salvador – La Lainez ~ Cup of Excellence

La Lainez is a relatively small farm (40 acres) and is owned by the Ginjaume family who have been coffee farmers for the past three generations. It is located in the Tecapa-Chinameca Mtn. Range, and sits about 4900 ft. above sea level. The pickers are instructed to select only the best coffee available, avoiding over-ripe, immature green or defective cherries. The bourbon varietal coffee is transported to the Oromontique Mill, where it is immediately processed in an eco-friendly mill. The parchment covered coffee bean are then dried in the clay brick patios. Although this is the first time La Laínez has competed in the Cup of Excellence, they were successful is scoring a #6 place in the 2008 CoE El Salvador.
This is an exceptionally complex and silky coffee that changes dramatically as it cools. Initially, apricot and sweet apple flavours are balanced by a delicious milk chocolate richness. Hints of maraschino cherry, raspberry and light citrus notes dance on your tongue, each coming to the forefront as the temperature of the coffee changes … with the milk chocolate remaining throughout. The lush mouthfeel and sweet aftertaste linger after each sip.

Costa Rica – Helsar De Zarcero

The mountainous, west valley Zarcero region of Costa Rica is about 50km NW of the capital San Jose. The initial fragrance of the ground coffee has rich chocolate tones with orange blossom and cinnamon notes. The brewed cup has a delightfully velvety mouthfeel with a very nice balance of body and light acidity. The flavour notes are complex with definite cocoa, hint of sweet orange citrus and subtle, light kiwi acidity.


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El Salvador – El Zapote CoE

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We’re featuring a new Cup of Excellence from El Salvador right now.

This one is just as good, if not better, than the Santa Maria we had a little while ago. Drop by and have a cup.

This coffee has deep savoury/sweet chocolate nutty fragrance to the freshly ground beans and when it is brewed, it has a very rich and velvety mouth-feel. A light tangy-ness brings forth sweet berry notes with a hint of apricot and peach. The taste finishes with definite thick chocolate notes and a faint hazelnut note that round out an exceptionally smooth finish.

This is definitely my fav. coffee right now!


Here’s a pic of where it’s located on the side of a dormant volcano, imagine the views!

El Zapote Estate

CoE El Salvador – Santa Maria ~ Now Available

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The Cup of Excellence ~ El Salvador – Santa Maria is now on the menu!

Here is the description we’ve ended up with:

The aroma of this coffee is wonderful with a light almond and cinnamon spicy-ness. A very smooth with a velvety mouth-feel are matched with a light tangy-ness. This brings forth a wonderful brown-sugary/molasses sweetness combined with nice citrus-peel marmalade flavour notes. It is perfectly balanced with light almond and chocolate notes that round out a very smooth finish.

Drop by and try a cup – delicious!

BTW – check out the comments on the previous post about this coffee. There are some comments from people involved with Cup of Excellence in El Salvador! They have provide great links for more info.! Thanks again to them!

Ethiopian Natural Yirgacheffe – SO Espresso

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More tweaking of this very tricky Single Origin Espresso.

Even slight changes in temperature, humidity and the age of the bean combine with the challenges of the preparation. Quite a coarse grind in a triple basket with two intermediate tamps and then a ‘full body weight’ tamp at the end. It is incredible done this way and run to about 40 sec. yeilding about 3/4 ounce.

The final one I did for myself this morning was delicious … just like I smushed a bunch of blueberries into the portafilter as well. Yum!

Clover Coffee

I didn’t have a chance to finish “dialing in” the El Salvador – Santa Maria yesterday … just a bit too busy. I’ll see if I can squeeze it in today.

I did manage to cup the new roast profile of the Medium-Light FTO Sumatra SWP Decaf yesterday. This coffee is great! The decaf’s we’ve been offering on the Clover have always been pretty good. This new roast however is quite sweet and smooth with berry notes and a slight nuttiness. Really, really good … regardless of the fact that it is a decaf.

Cup of Excellence ~ El Salvador – Santa Maria

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Sitting in the espresso bar today watching a blustery day that is threatening to rain.

Luckily I’ve been dialing the latest Cup of Excellence coffee we’ll be featuring on the Clover. The El Salvador – Santa Maria (the #11 place in the 2008 Cup of Excellence El Salvador). It has brightened an otherwise dreary day.

We should have it on the menu by the weekend. We’re fine tuning a coffee with definite Almond / Blackberry sweetness. There’s also a Brown-Sugar chocolately flavour note in there that we’re chasing down right now, we’ll see if it ends up in the final cup. Really delicious even in a ‘not quite ready to serve’ cup.

Drop by to try this one and the other new coffee on the Clover menu – Papua New Guinea : Kunjun … yum!