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Every day for the next week or so we will be posting a ‘Word of the Day’ on our Facebook page.

The first person into the shop to tell the Baristas that word will receive a Free 12oz bag of Black Cat Classic whole bean.

So … join our Facebook group and wait for the messages!!


Visit their site for more info. on Black Cat Classic.




** Only one winner per day. The same person cannot win twice. Some conditions apply. Offer may change without notice. Blah Blah legal stuff.



Espresso Romano

Posted in Announcements, Coffee with tags , , , , on June 11, 2010 by smilinggoat

Drop by and try an Espresso Romano!
It’s a double shot of espresso (Fog City Blend, Black Cat Classic or SWP Sumatran Decaf) with just a little lemon juice and some lemon peel.
Tangy, delicious and refreshing!

Intelligentsia order a bit delayed

Posted in Announcements, Coffee with tags , , , on February 22, 2010 by smilinggoat

Apparently there was some issues with all the Intelligentsia orders going through customs last week. As a result our order has been delayed a bit. We expect it to arrive soon.

We’ll post again when Black Cat Classic is back on the menu with an estimated time for the Rwandan Zirikana Bufcafe to be available.

K2 Signature Blend Espresso – Now Available!

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Drop by to try the K2 Signature Blend from Java Blend Coffee roasters that we are now serving as our feature espresso.

The amazing Fog City Fair Trade Organic Blend is still available … and delicious! It’s also worth trying our Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Processed Sumatran Decaf Single Origin Espresso – the decaf espresso is as rich and tasty as the name is long.

We’ll  have the Black Cat Classic Direct Trade Blend espresso back in towards the end of this week.

See you soon!

Coming to the end of Black Cat Single Origin Guatemala La Maravilla

Posted in Coffee with tags , , , , , , , on April 9, 2009 by smilinggoat

We are coming to the end of our present supply of Black Cat Single Origin Guatemala La Maravilla so come in soon to try it!

It is absolutely spectacular in a Cortado!

Not to worry though…

We will be going to Black Cat Classic as soon as the SO is done … mmmm Black Cat Classic, delicious.

And of course we have the Fog City house blend espresso. It has been pulling very nicely lately. Very thick body, surupy chocolate / brown sugar with a very sweet cherriness.

Drop by soon!

Black Cat Classic & Peru – Cruz del Sur HERE NOW!

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Drop by and try these incredible coffee from Intelligentsia Coffee.

Both are Direct Trade and the Peru is also Organic … both are delicious!

We look forward to bringing in a new coffee or two from Intelligentsia on a regular basis.

These will complement the fantastic coffees we get already from Jim @ Java Blend Coffee Roasters.

We look forward to seeing you soon.