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Easter 2013 Hours

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We will be open:
Friday, March 29th: 9am to 6pm
Saturday, March 30th: 9am to 6pm
Sunday, March 31st: 9am to 5pm
Monday, April 1st: 8am to 7pm

Drop by for a yummy treat on the long weekend!

… And to celebrate this long winter (hopefully) coming to a close:

Pumpkin Lattes are back for a limited time!!


Rainy Day drinks!

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Let us know what you think!

Thank you

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Thanks very much to new and old espresso friends in Toronto & surrounding areas:

Thiago – Te Aro

Doug – Mercury

Ed – Dark Horse

the folks at Rooster

Brad – Intelli

Kaelin – Detour

and especially James & Trish at Grinder


Great Coffee – Great people!!

New Kenyan Coffee

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Kenya – Kirinyaga Peaberry

                  Special Feature

Starting with a sweet chocolate and bergamot, citrus aroma, this coffee features a light and dynamic body. In the cup you will find delicate notes of almond nuttiness, chocolate and lovely note of cherry. A smooth and silky texture and a syrupy fruitiness with hints of pineapple and cherry finish this coffee beautifully.

Cherries are selectively hand-picked and brought to the wet mill the same day of picking, where they undergo additional sorting and fully washed processing before being milled. The coop is made up of 12 wet mills and 16,000 farmers and is situated on the deep red volcanic soils on southern slopes of Mt. Kenya. In a co-op, each member is tending to only 200-500 trees on less than a hectare, as opposed to a huge estate that uses agribusiness growing methods.

Black Cat Fruit Bat!!

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We have the Black Cat Fruit Bat Espresso back!!


Black Cat – Fruit Bat

Limited Time Feature

Rotund in dimension, accented with tropical fruit flavors and an effervescent brightness. The nose is strongly floral, evocative of hibiscus blossoms and lavender. Intertwined in a silken and buttery presence on the palate are residues of mango nectar, dried pineapple, candied ginger and punctuated by acidity reminiscent of lemonlime bitters and fresh green apple.

Rich Smooth Sweet & Fruity


Drop by today to try it before it’s gone!

4th Anniversary!

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4th Anniversary Specials

  • $1 Anniversary Cookies
  • $2 Double Fog City Espresso
  • $3 Espresso Romano
  • $3 ‘Sea of Fire’ Espresso
  • Enter your email to win prizes!
  • Live Jazz from Noon to 2pm
  • Live Jazz from 5pm to 7pm
  • Barista Jam starting @7pm
    • Latte Art competition
    • Two-headed barista contest
    • ‘Taste-off’
    • New feature drink voting
We look forward to seeing you there!

New coffee from Intelli

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Nicaragua – Los Delirios / Organic

                            Finca Ojo de Agua                                 

                                    Direct Trade / ‘In Season’ Offering

Elderflower, chamomile and orange blossom frame notes of citrus fruit, melon and rhubarb. As the cup cools, layers of complexity begin to emerge as notes of nougat, almond cookie and brown sugar.


The Canales family and the El Eden cooperative group continue to be among the most proactive and quality-conscious organic farmers in Nicaragua. In their home, in Pueblo Nuevo, it’s not surprising to see them hand-sorting parchment (still un-hulled beans) coffee on small tables in their garage. This kind of meticulous handling is rare in Nicaragua but essential to producing world-class coffees. Behind the family’s homeis a large cement patio where the coffee is dried, and the proximity allows them to keep a watchful eye on the coffee at all times to ensure that the drying is carried out perfectly. It is truly a family operation, with everyone helping out in some way to make it all work. The coffee is milled nearby by Prodecoop, one of the first coffee cooperatives in Nicaragua to really establish a quality reputation in the Specialty market.



Medium Roast