New Brazil Cup of Excellence!!

Brazil Fazenda Serra Do Bone

Cup of Excellence – Organic

This award winning coffee is creamy and decadent. with a silky richness to the texture. A floral aroma precedes and light, soft acidity with hints of apple and a sweet lime. Walnut notes with a touch of rich, milk chocolate round out the extraordinarily smooth and sweet caramel finish.

Fazenda Serra Do Bonne is located in the mountains in Araponga in the Mata de Minas area of Minas Gerais. Carlos Sergio Sangland is a committed conservationist. He is resolved to adopt an organic approach to the management of his crops. His coffee which is of the Red and Yellow Catui varietal, and is grown at an altitude of 1200 masl, these coffees regularly defy typical Brazilian cup profiles in favor of much more intense, citric and floral characters. Carlos is committed to high quality execution at every level, performing intensive lot separation, selectively harvesting ripe cherries and drying his pulped natural coffees on elevated beds, providing even ventilation for a much more consistent humidity.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters –  Medium Roast


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