NEW COFFEE on the Clover – April 7, 2010

El Salvador – Puerta Zapa

Direct Trade / ‘In Season’ offering

Bright and supple, Puerta Zapa has a round mouthfeel that’s lush with Clementine oranges and melon. Notes of maple syrup meld into cherry and transform to an apricot finish.

Finca Matalapa is a farm that is located in the La Cumbre mountain ranges just south of the capital and enjoys a distinctly different climate than the more well-known coffee region of Santa Ana. The farm faces the Pacific Ocean and receives a good deal of moisture and occasionally powerful winds that surely influence the character of the coffee. Its name comes from the Nahuat language (of Aztec origin, still spoken in El Salvador and Central Mexico) and could be loosely translated as “land where rivers are born.” A trip to the farm makes it clear where this name came from: there are twenty-one fresh water springs on the land that feed into the El Zote River. This particular lot comes from a section (or ‘tablon’) of the farm called “Puerto Zapa”, which despite its location in the lowest-altitude zone of Matalapa has been producing some beautiful coffees that are a little softer and more approachable than those from other parts of the finca.

Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters –  Medium Roast


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    what’s on for JUNE ?

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