Rwanda Zirikana Bufcafe – NOW AVAILABLE!

As voted by our Blog readers, we are pleased to offer the Rwanda Zirikana Bufcafe from Intelligentsia brewed on our Clover.

This coffee is extremely fruit-forward and sincere. Peach nectar precedes a honeyed mouthfeel and an extended flavor of grape, lime and nectarine. A finish of cacao and walnut frame the experience.

Rwanda is a country transforming before our eyes, and with luck it will succeed in becoming an example of positive, sustainable development for the rest of sub-Saharan Africa. Rwanda is producing some of the cleanest coffee in all of Africa and is a hot new option in the Specialty market, so much so that Roasters are actually fighting with each other to obtain some of these outstanding beans. Bufcafe is a real standout in a country full of incredible stories of reinvention and development progress. Buf’s growth captures this dynamic and is without question one of the most successful of the washing station projects that have been proliferating in Rwanda since 2002. We chose to name this coffee Zirikana (a Kinyarwandan word meaning “show your commitment”) because that’s what this whole coffee gig is about.


Come in and try a cup today!


One Response to “Rwanda Zirikana Bufcafe – NOW AVAILABLE!”

  1. espressosnob Says:

    Promise me no potatoes…

    Mark Prince had the the dreaded defect in his last two Rwanda tastings šŸ˜¦

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