New Coffees in October!

We have some fantastic new coffees on the Clover menu right now!

Zambia – Munama

An ‘In Season’ offering

Aromatics of citrus fruit and baking spice precede cup flavors of tangerine, dried cherry and cardamom spice. The mouthfeel is expansive and incredibly velvety steadying the acidity and providing balance. The finish is equally widespread as the body with long notes of grapefruit, cinnamon, and baker’s chocolate.

Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters

Mexico – Nubes de Oro

Fair Trade Organic / Bird Friendly

Cooperative Nubes de Oro, “Clouds of Gold,” is located in Chiapas area. There are a total of 21 small communities, where the 430 Cooperative members live. It is also certified by the Smithsonian Institution as “Bird Friendly”.

Very deep-toned, balanced sweetness of orangy citrus, nut, and a hint of chocolate. Look for a rich, slightly wine-toned acidity, lightly syrupy mouthfeel and a vanilla & caramel finish.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters

… and stay tuned for something really exciting being added to the menu a little later this week!!!


5 Responses to “New Coffees in October!”

  1. Good Day SGOEB,

    I am enjoying the arrival of our Maritime Fall in the city with coffee selections from you folks. With the cooler weather it is indeed an enjoyable experience to sit in the sun filled surroundings of your coffee bar. An afternoon of reading, utilizing the wifi and sampling can make even the rainy day seem more pleasant too.

    I particularly enjoy the espresso offerings and the delicious flavors to be found without adding cream or sugar! I am constantly surprised at how delicious the difference is when coffee is properly prepared and presented. I find that there is an appreciable difference between your servings and other shops. Toward this curiosity I have asked questions and each SGOEB Barista has offered helpful insight and examples to my understanding – this is as much a part of the experience with you folks as any of the coffee; so nice to be able to gain an understanding and appreciation of the process and what good coffee should taste like.

    I do hope that you will consider having a series of “tastings” that interested patrons could attend. It would be enjoyable to have a chance to concentrate on the new coffee each month and to encounter this in an atmosphere of receptive patrons; this is not unusual to those who appreciate finer wine and cigar provisions. What do you say to this, perhaps a monthly event?


  2. Geoff:

    Will you be offering Esmerelda this year? I picked up a half pound from JB on the weekend, but it is one of the lots that fetched a lower price in the auction. Intelli is offering a Geisha at $100/lb which is probably from their auction lot ES-3 Carnaval.

    BTW, I too would join a tasting/cupping session if you decide to offer it.


  3. You will see the Esmeralda on the menu by the end of the week … that was the ‘…something really exciting …’ in the blog post.
    We’ll post a separate announcement when it’s available.

    … working on a tasting session. Stay tuned.

  4. All sound yummy! My only question…..can I get a Toasted Marshmallow?

  5. A tasting session sounds fantastic. I haven’t made it to Smiling Goat yet but have heard lots about it and hope to get there this weekend. Cheers!

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