El Salvador – El Zapote CoE

We’re featuring a new Cup of Excellence from El Salvador right now.

This one is just as good, if not better, than the Santa Maria we had a little while ago. Drop by and have a cup.

This coffee has deep savoury/sweet chocolate nutty fragrance to the freshly ground beans and when it is brewed, it has a very rich and velvety mouth-feel. A light tangy-ness brings forth sweet berry notes with a hint of apricot and peach. The taste finishes with definite thick chocolate notes and a faint hazelnut note that round out an exceptionally smooth finish.

This is definitely my fav. coffee right now!


Here’s a pic of where it’s located on the side of a dormant volcano, imagine the views!

El Zapote Estate


4 Responses to “El Salvador – El Zapote CoE”

  1. espressosnob Says:

    I was reading the description thinking I was having a deja vu… especially when I got to the peach/apricot thing. THen, I thought I have read this before… I think I had this as a Clover last Thursday before I headed out to Montreal.

    I don’t think I got the stone fruit taste, but everything else was there. Would be nice to try on Clover vs. my new siphon. I just ordered a grinder and I’m waiting for my butane burner to come from Transcend.

  2. yep, same one you had
    realized i hadn’t update the blog in a while

  3. espressosnob Says:

    Hey coach,

    What’s new on the Clover ???

    How bout new espresso ?

    I may bring back some Aricha (#33 vs. #34) from Vancouver if I get a chance to stop in the city and we could try on the Clover if you’re game.

  4. finishing off the El Zapote soon … then another CoE El Sal. coming up
    no new ‘spro … single origin is challenging us with consistency … we may have a blend from a fancy bag sometime soon – we’ll announce on the blog if/when something new happens

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