Brazil – Poco Fundo

Single Origin Espresso


Drop by to try this very intense triple ristretto. Look for notes of bright passionfruit and green apple (Zane got rubarb today) off the top and finishing with a nice almondy, chocolately-ness.

In milk the brightness tends to diminish, leaving the chocolate / almond to dominate. YUM!

There’s only about 7lbs of this coffee so come in quick to have some.

See you soon!

** The next S.O. Espresso on the menu may be a Cup of Excellence El Salvador … not the Santa Maria we are currently featuring on the Clover …  so stay tuned!


4 Responses to “Brazil – Poco Fundo”

  1. Why didn’t you make me a macc with this today. Saving the good stuff for real customers???? 🙂

  2. … and I still ran out! Luckily got some back in for the late afternoon. Still a bit fresh – will be better tomorrow.
    FYI *** we only have about 4lbs of this coffee left (we went through 1lb yesterday & today) so come and get it while it’s here!

    If you miss it, there are some other interesting S.O. ‘spros right around the corner tho

  3. espressosnob Says:

    ANYTHING new in the grinder since I went away ???

    interesting that in TO, mercury has 4 grinders, dark horse 3, manic 3 etc… Most places had at least 2 choices of espresso blends, and only mercury was serving a S-O (Novo Ethiopia Harar)

    I had an absolutely wonderful Yergacheffe Beloya (49th parallel) on a Clover at Manic and would absolutely love to try that guy as a S-O espresso… I know Sammy Piccolo was using that as part of his espresso blend along with a Brazil of some sort.

  4. The Brazil is almost gone … it continues to move toward the Cocoa / Dark chocolate notes and away from the bright fruity notes as it ages – very, very nice.
    We’ve got some K2 blend from Java Blend on stand-by to put in our feature grinder as soon as the Brazil is gone. That will be in there until another SO comes along … very soon we hope.
    *You are more than welcome to buy us a 4th grinder and supply us with the Yirg. if you want 😉

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