Unfortunate review in The Coast

Well, we thought the Krups Kup of Excellence went very well here at the Smiling Goat. I guess that’s not everyones opinion.

In today’s Coast magazine, Liz Feltham had a story about the Krups Kup of Excellence in which she was one of the judges. It seems she did not have a great experience. First of all, we are slightly confused with the description of green subway tiles which don’t exist in our espresso bar. However, we are also very surprised to read about foam (crema) free, bitter espresso which turns lips and tongues black and arrive without water. None of these things typically happen in our espresso bar.

As with every crafted beverage, occasionally drinks go out to the customer by mistake that are not as great as we would like them to be … it happens rarely but it when it does, things are corrected as quickly as possible. But to have all the things she describes happen at once, in a situation where there is even more attention to detail than the already very high standards that we set as a standard?

I saw Andrea & Craig bring water to everyone and I was pulling the shots and don’t remember sending any out that didn’t have our typical thick layer of crema. The crema does dissipate quite a bit after about about a minute and a half but that’s a long time to let your espresso sit without looking at it.

Regardless, we’re really disappointed that Liz didn’t have a great experience here. We truly hope she drops by to give us another opportunity to show here how delicious, sweet, smooth and complex a shot pulled here can be.

We would encourage all of our customers who have had a positive experience at our espresso bar to go to the following link and write a comment to that effect. … also please write about any great experiences you’ve had at any of the other contestants mentioned in the article.


Thanks everyone!

BTW – check out the great pic of Jim at the top of the Coast piece!

*** Further note: Thanks to everyone for the posts on the Coast online! However, please refrain unless you are going to put a positive spin on your comments. We’d really hate to see the discussion turn into one of those ‘comment wars’ that anonymous posting can generate.

The Krups Kup of Excellence has further highlighted what was already going on here in Halifax led by places like the Smiling Goat, Java Blend and Steve’s. Let keep it positive and moving forward!! … and make sure you say great things about the other places too!

As we keep saying to anyone and everyone who will listen, if we as a coffee serving community in Halifax, raise the bar for what customers should expect from an espresso or cup of brewed coffee, then those larger chains that are unable/unwilling to serve a quality product will loose customers to those of us who are!


5 Responses to “Unfortunate review in The Coast”

  1. espressosnob Says:

    It sounds like the jury was far from expert and perhaps overwhelmed trying to judge all 5 in one day.

    Crema-less, and bitter shots… I could think a number of cafes in the city that serve that, but not here !!!

    You know I don’t like pulling shots into a shot glass first, as I don’t like losing any of the crema and flecking, but my iPhone shots on my blogsite have always had crema at the Goat. Maybe she stopped somewhere else in between cafes, or mixed up her notes.

    You didn’t serve her an espresso corretto did you ?



  2. Not to attack the judge, but I thnk Liz Feltham may have a bit of a reputation for playing ‘the opposite game’ when writing reviews: there have been several times in the past where people wrote in basically asking if she actually went to the resturant she was writing about as what she raves about is horrible, or what she desipises is wonderful.
    Much like myself, it seems she may be a bit biased. You guys were ‘the newbies’ who kicked Trident from particiating, which she notes she was disappointed about.
    Besides my vote for you as best coffee & espresso, I’ve also had the best customer service ever at your cafe.
    Liz should perhaps start adding a little sugar to her coffee: your are what you eat, and she sounds very, very bitter her old favorite didn’t make the cut, and was bent on making sure it looked like you shouldn’t have made the cut in the first place.
    But maybe I need to start adding surgar to my coffee, too.

  3. espressosnob Says:

    When you think of it, it is funny that Krups sponsors both the Canadian National Barista Championship and the Kup of Excellence.

    After all, they are the people who brought ‘quality’ espresso machines into homes like mine years ago (see photo on link below) LOL:

    Meanwhile, their website still hasn’t been updated with the final results.

  4. chrisgiannakos Says:

    haha she doesnt even know what a naked portafilter is!

  5. espressosnob Says:

    JJ Bean barista (R Csar) in Vancouver blogs about this Krups fiasco:




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