Congratulations Java Blend!!

A big congratulations goes out to Jim and everyone at Java Blend for winning the Halifax Krups Kup of Excellence today!! Jim wowed them with some amazing espressos.

Great work Jim!

Jim @ the 2008 Maritime Barista Jam

Jim @ the 2008 Maritime Barista Jam

We’d like to hope it was a very close race between us at the Smiling Goat, Jim at Java Blend and Zane at Steve-O-Reno’s with the other two, Just Us and Uncommon Grounds a little bit behind. All in all it really speaks to a fantastic coffee culture developing here in Halifax. We’re very excited to be part of it and look forward to kicking everybody’s ass next year! 😉

*** Note: while the Krups people were in the espresso bar, they mentioned that Halifax got more votes than any other city in Canada and that the Smiling Goat Organic Espresso Bar had the most online votes in Canada!! Many thanks to our very enthusiastic customers and friends!

******** One more Note: Jim just let me know that when he was talking to one of the organizers of this event this morning, she mentioned that the coffee experience they had in Halifax was the best in Canada!!! … even better than Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto & Montreal!

Way to go Halifax!!


One Response to “Congratulations Java Blend!!”

  1. espressosnob Says:

    WOW !

    Congratulations to Jim OF COURSE, and to the others (namely Geoff and Zane) for a good fight.

    I think slowly this city will wake up from its Tim’s and Venti caramel latte fix. Maybe, some of the shops in the city will stop pushing 4-5 ounces of over-extracted, thin, crema-less, bitter crap as espresso (including one of the 5 finalists who I was rather surprised made the list). I think I could make better stuff on a home Krups machine !

    lawrence… one of halifax’s espressosnobs

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