Cup of Excellence ~ El Salvador – Santa Maria

Sitting in the espresso bar today watching a blustery day that is threatening to rain.

Luckily I’ve been dialing the latest Cup of Excellence coffee we’ll be featuring on the Clover. The El Salvador – Santa Maria (the #11 place in the 2008 Cup of Excellence El Salvador). It has brightened an otherwise dreary day.

We should have it on the menu by the weekend. We’re fine tuning a coffee with definite Almond / Blackberry sweetness. There’s also a Brown-Sugar chocolately flavour note in there that we’re chasing down right now, we’ll see if it ends up in the final cup. Really delicious even in a ‘not quite ready to serve’ cup.

Drop by to try this one and the other new coffee on the Clover menu – Papua New Guinea : Kunjun … yum!


3 Responses to “Cup of Excellence ~ El Salvador – Santa Maria”

  1. Hope everyone enjoys this coffee… really nice sweetness as you said!… you can check more about the grower and farm here:



  2. I´m glad you are enjoying this El Salvador CoE winner!
    The producers will be glad to know you are already tasting the result of their efforts! If you need further assisntance or information, please do not hessitate on letting us know… THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

    El Salvador Coffee ROCKS!!

    All the best,

    El Salvador CoE Coordinator

  3. Luis / Maria-José
    It’s fantastic to hear feedback from Origin!
    Thanks so much!

    We started serving the Santa Maria on Monday and have had some very positive feedback so far. We’ll certainly forward any questions or specific comments directly along to you.

    Thanks again for helping getting amazing coffee to us!


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