New website up

We just updated the website

I’m sure there are still a few bugs and unresolved links so please let us know as soon as you discover them.

We’ll really try to keep this blog going and have new posts as frequently as possible.


4 Responses to “New website up”

  1. nice new website… love the images. very cool. looking forward to visiting your cafe in late November. Take care.

  2. espressosnob Says:

    Nice change…

    Geoff, you’re ahead of the curve… Intelligentsia is hoping to soon offer 3 daily espresso choices… Black Cat, ? organic ? Kid O, and perhaps a seasonal S-O choice.

    Hopefully, this blog will keep the menu more up to date.


  3. thanks lawrence
    if you run into a kick ass SO espresso in your travels make sure to let me know so i can bring it in here

  4. espressosnob Says:

    Hey Geoff,

    Just back from Chicago and Montreal.

    Really was impressed with Caffe in Gamba in Montreal. They supply a number of prominent NA Roasters, including 49th Parallel, Intelligentsia, Zoka, Vivace, PT to name a few. Many of these are sold in half or full pound bags, and in bulk. AND at any given time they have two blends in their two ANFIM grinders. They have a ‘new’ retro Faema 3-group E61 which is cool.

    Jean-Francois Leduc barista/owner just placed 4th in Eastern Championship and highly recommended the Zoka Paladino coffee, which is what he used in the championship. Unfortunately, it was not in the grinder today.

    Today he had Intelly Kid O and Vivace Dolce. Dolce was real nice, northern Italian style with big robust flavor, quite complex, earthy and caramelly.

    You might want to try to bring in Paladino to have in your second grinder or the Vivace. I would love to get Stumptown Hair Bender to try, but JF said the problem is that they ship in paper bags in which the beans offgas by the time they arrive, as opposed to the other suppliers he uses.

    Of course, Cafe Sante Veritas, was more modern, eurostyle caffe with the proverbial Synesso and my favorite 49th Parallel Epic.

    Although a young guy, he seems to be a traditionalist and I don’t think he is much into SO espresso.


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